Hello fans

So here is my first entry, and also my first blog. A little background info is in my profile. I have a pretty skewed view towards the reds, but an open mind about what changes or improvements need to be made to turn us into “The New Red Machine”! Hopefully we are on the right track to a playoff berth this year, and multiple world series championships down the road.

So with the off day today and the start of a road trip beginning in Toronto and the expected return of Joey Votto this hopes to be a promising turn around. As most know Votto’s absence has really hurt this team, 8-13 without him. I know a lot of talk has been made about his return along with EE’s, Volquez and some bullpen arms, but where do you see the taveras, nix, dickerson and and the rest of the outfeild situation playing out?

Our sure fire center fielder/leadoff man is not living up to his 6 million plus contract so far. We have some good talent in nix, and dickerson. When does ownership and dusty draw the line on Willy? Its great to have Votto back don’t get me wrong, but with willy’s staggering .274 obp, .050 points higher than his average, who is he going to hit in? hes not gonna hit 40-50 hr’s maybe not even 30. So what do we do? i think when our everyday players are back i.e. edwin and votto, that we move slumping bruce to the two hole, in front of votto, phillps and gomes/nix, with hairston leading off. Thoughts?

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  1. azinneck

    It’s my hope that having Joey back energizes the lineup a little bit, but I too worry that instead of driving the 1-2 guys in, he’ll be the guy on base needed to be driven in.
    I like the idea of putting Bruce in the 2-spot, and I’d lean toward putting either Dickerson or Hairston in the leadoff spot — not Taveras (unless he starts playing like he was in May).

    Also, welcome to mlblogs

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